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A Genealogy Milestone Reached In Colorado

During my lifetime, genealogy has progressed from a paper-and-pencil hobby into one requiring a sophisticated knowledge of technology. For the past 30 years, the Computer Interest Group (CIG) of the Colorado Genealogical Society has pushed us along the learning curve.

This week the club celebrated its 30th anniversary with a potluck supper and a program given by several of the members. We looked back at the early days of the club, when members pondered the big questions of whether to purchase a computer (they were so expensive!), and how to make the best use of one (spreadsheets? software programs? modems?). We then looked to the future, with demonstrations of portable scanners and camera technology.

Over the years, all the techies in the group inspired me to keep upgrading my hardware and learning new applications. Years ago, I attended a CIG Symposium in the United Methodist Church basement where they demonstrated several genealogy software programs. From information gleaned that day, I chose my first program and stepped into the computer age.

Now I attend CIG workshop meetings to share information with other users of the same genealogy program that I use. I attend program meetings to find out about social media and the world of genealogy websites. It would be hard to gather all this knowledge on my own. Belonging to this club has helped a Luddite like me use modern tools to find family information in the most efficient way.

We are always encouraged to “Bring a Friend to CIG”. We welcome anyone desiring a little technological help, or some genealogy fellowship. For more information, see the CIG website

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