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How to Do Genealogy When You Do Not Feel Up To It

So it has been a crummy winter health-wise. My extended family includes 13 of us in the Denver area, and we have all been sick again and again this winter. After a previous cold and a bout with norovirus, I am now fighting a respiratory infection that just won’t go away.

How do you keep up with genealogy when you do not even feel like getting out of bed? I found some ways.

  • Reading back issues of genealogy publications that I normally have no time to read.
  • Watching old recorded episodes of Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Blogging (between coughing spells).
  • Dreaming about my upcoming trip to visit Iceland and our ancestral homes in Norway.

You get the idea. Not much really productive work is going on this week at my genealogy desk. But I am keeping my hand in genealogical pursuits until I feel well enough to do some real work.

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