Elmer WalzAge: 0 days19241924

Elmer Walz
Birth May 26, 1924 34 29
Death May 26, 1924

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elder brother
Christopher Joseph Walz
Birth: July 11, 1921 31 26Calloway, Becker County, Minnesota
Death: April 18, 1995Mahnomen, Mahnomen, Minnesota
23 months
elder sister
11 months
13 months
younger sister
16 months
younger brother
Louis Francis Walz
Birth: November 6, 1926 36 31Mahnomen, Mahnomen County, Minnesota
Death: December 11, 1995Mahnomen, Mahnomen, Minnesota
21 months
younger sister
Ben Walz Daughters Eleanor KayLucille Ann Walz
Birth: August 6, 1928 38 33Mahnomen, Mahnomen County, Minnesota
Death: January 16, 2006Central Wyoming Hospice Home, Casper, Natrona County, Wyoming
1 year
younger brother
Aloys Benedict Walz
Birth: August 10, 1929 39 34Mahnomen, Mahnomen County, Minnesota
Death: May 20, 2006Mahnomen, Mahnomen, Minnesota
younger sister
Ben Walz Daughters Eleanor KayFlorentine Lula Walz
Birth: November 7, 1931 41 36Mahnomen, Mahnomen County, Minnesota
Death: February 27, 2017Norwalk, California
younger brother
Joseph Michael Walz
Birth: August 24, 1934 44 39Mahnomen, Mahnomen County, Minnesota
Death: December 20, 2002Mahnomen, Mahnomen, Minnesota

BurialElmer Walz Tombstone, Record Type: Photo, Name Of Person: Elmer Walz
NoteWalzing Family Memories, 1850-1990
Publication: Thecla Hjelmstad, Mills, Wyoming, 1990
Elmer was born May 26, 1924. He was born on the farm, but Mama and Papa did have others there to help with the birth. Elmer was what they called a "blue baby' in those days, and lived only a few hours. I can remember a wedding veil that Mama used to wrap the name plate from his coffin. She kept it in a box which we 'went through' each spring during house cleaning. As I remember the story, they dipped him in first cool water, then warm water trying to get him to breathe okay. With so many of us children, I am sure Mama and Papa missed him the most.
BurialTombstone Elmer Walz 1926Tombstone Elmer Walz 1926
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