May 4

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The boat docked on the German side of the river, and we took a tour bus across the bridge to France. Our tour guide used a new technology we had not encountered before. We all wore wireless receivers and earpieces to hear her commentary. She took us on a walking tour of the city center where the main street was lined with strange-looking, cropped “plain” or sycamore trees. We opted out of the subsequent boat tour of Strasbourg and went shopping instead. With that completed, we purchased a loaf of French bread and then found a coffee shop with outdoor tables. In front of the shop we sipped hot chocolate, ate some of our bread, and enjoyed the city. Back on the river boat for lunch, we finished off our bread and then boarded another bus for a tour of the Alsace wine country. We drove through the countryside admiring the beautiful spring flowers and then stopped in the tiny town of Barr to visit a winery. They had a wine-making museum and showed us their huge oak casks that were hundreds of years old. We were then seated at tables in a big pub-like room where we tasted four of their white wines. Red wine is rarely made in Alsace. That evening we put up our feet in the boat library nook, read a little, and listened to a singer who was entertaining in the adjacent lounge.