View om Hamar Hotel Window

Tony relaxes with a norwegian beer at Volume

Teri doing the same

Earl 1900's building in Hamar

Berquest Farm

Berquest Farm

Berquest Rock

Lake mjosa From Bequest Rock

Flowers along the road

Lupines along the road

Veldre Kirke

Sign for Veldre Kirke

Lake Mjosa from Veldre Kirke

Veldre Kirke from Veldre Cemetery

Veldre Kirke from Veldre Cemetejry

Veldre Kirke

Kjos Farm by Veldre

Kjos by Veldre cupola

Bjerke farm

Lake Mjosa from Berke Farm

Scenic View of Lake Mjosa

Veldre Kirke from Bjerke Farm

Rainy Norway Valley

Rainy Norway Valley

Sveen Farm

Sveen Farm

Krogsgarard Farm

Krogsgaard Farm

Lake Mjosa From Krogsgaard Farm

Cupola on Krogsgaard Farm

Krogsgaard Farm second cupola

Krogsgaard Farm Second cupola

Lake Mjosa from Smedstad Farm

Lake Mjosa from Smedstad Farm

Ringsaker Kirke

Ringsaker Kirke

Inside Ringsaker Kirke

Ringsaker altar

Ringsaker Crucifix

Ringsaker Kirke place of honor paintingof Ringsaker Kirke

Ringsaker Kirke place of honor painting

Ringsaker Kirke Runestone

Ringsaker Rune Placard

Ringsaker Rune closeup

Ringsaker Kirke side baptismal place

Ringsaker Kirke Alter

Ringsaker Kirke door lock

Tony in Ringsaker Kirke

Tony in Ringsaker Kirke

Ringsaker Kirke Wall Emblem 163

Ringsaker pulpet

Ringsaker Hymnal

Ringsaker Stone ?

Ringsaker Cemetery

Ringsaker Cemetery and Lake Mjosa

Lake Mjosa from Ringsaker Cemetery

Ringsaker Kirke from the Cemetery

Ringsaker Kirke sign

Tande Farm

Tande Farm

Tande Kirke

Drive to Hjelmstad Farm

Hjelmstad Farm fields and Lake Mjosa

Hjelmstad Farm Fields

Hjelmstad Farm Cupola

Hjelmstad Farm

Stolpestad Farm

Stolpestad Farm Fields

Stolpestad Farm Fields

Stolpestad Farm Plaque

Stolpestad Farm Plaque

Canola Stolpwstad Farm

Wiig Farm and Lake Mjosa

Older Farm House at Wiig Farm

Roterud Farm Fields

Roterud Farm Fields

Roterud Farm

Kolstad Farm

Kolstad Farm Fields

Farberg Farm

Farberg Farm Cupola

Roterud Farm Sign

Hvalstad Farm

Logging at Hvalstad

Domed church at Hamar

Model of Hamar Kirke

Domed Kikre

Domed Kirke

Baptismal font at domed kirke

Baptismal Font Plaque

Teri shopping at domed kirke

Lake Mjosa from domed kirke

Model of Hamar Kirke circal 1600

Teri at Domed Kirke Musekum

The Domed cathedral at Hamar

My family outside Hamar circa 1850

Eating "Western" in Hamar

Leaving Hamar in the rain

Learning the Train Ticket machines don't like American Credit Cards

Lunch in the Oslo Train station - next to our Hotel

I win at scratch tickets wherever I play

Example of the sod-roofed farmhouses of 1850

Laundry room - we wanted to go in and warm up!

Hordaland storeroom from 1850

i has people from Voss

Hardanger - where violins and lace is made - and Teri's people come from!

Hardanger storeroom with slateroof and sod

Nordfjord farmhouse with fancy window

Husmann are sharecroppers - what our people were

Looks just like the old farmhouse in North Dakota

Main entrance to the Norsk Folkmuseum - exhibit hall

Having hot chocolate outside the Vikingship Museum

A Viking Ship

Another Viking ship

The Vikingship Museum

Waiting for the Oslo Fjord Ferry

View of the Oslo Fjord

Teri and Runestone at the Cultural Museum

Tony with a Runestone

Shopping anyone?

Teri with another Runestone

How the poor people lived - casual laborers

How a Husmann Lived

How a Farm Owner Lives


Crystal Tower ???

Two more modern Runestones

The Changing of the (Norwegian) Guard

The palace is under construction

My favorite place - NOT! In Line

Gates has been doing a major project with Fred Olsen - and they were next to our hotel

The Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House

Oslo Skyline

Oslo fjord from the Opera House

Waiting for the train to the airport from Oslo

Our first stop in Nordland for dinner

A picnic in Fauske

A picnic in Fauske - salads from the airport shop

Driving over the pass to Tysfjord

Another pass coming up

I wasn't scared

Teri at Tysfjord

we're getting close to where her people came from

That far range is by Langenes

Tysfjord flowers

well if it wasn't full of water . . .

Tysfjord Turistsenter

View from our cabin in Tysfjord

The Ferry Ride to Langenes

A picture of Teri taking a picture

Leaving Bogness

The fjord toward Langenes

More fjord beyond

Those mountains are 4000' tall

Along the fjord

See the waterfall?

Shipping on the fjord

The halfway point - the ferry going the other way

The Family Bathroom

I love riding on these

Hadsel Kirke

Hadsel Kirke

Hadsel Kirke

Hadsel Kirke

Hadsel Kirke

Hadsel Kirke

Hadsel Cemetery

The fjord from Hadsel Kirke

Hadsel Kirke Sign

Hadsel Kirke

Flowers at Hadsel

Flowers at Hadsel

The fjord from Hadsel kirke

Flowers at Hadsel

Flowers at Hadsel

Picnic at Hadsel

Picnic at Hadsel

Picnic at Hadsel

Sand was everywhere

Obviously Lutheran

Share a Coke!

Sheep Run free

And Don't stand still

Teri at Ytre Eidsfjord Cemetery

Island where Skaeringstad is

Skaeringstad with Svinoya in front

Museum picture from 1850s fo Skaeringstad and Svinoya

About Skaeringstad and a differnt spelling

More about the islands

Bo Kirke

Flowers at Bo Kirke

Inside of Bo Kirke - alter

We posed at Meloy

The Queen's Route starting point in Nyksund / Sto

Finally a sunny day for a ferry ride - back to Bogness

Riding the ferry to Bogness

Last view fo the Lofoton's

Last view fo the Lofoton's - Bye

A little of everything

Flowers along the fjord at Langoya

Picnic south of Bogness

Picnic south of Bogness

Our rental car - a Hyundai

High tundra

The rocks are right below the vegetation

In Mosjoen it told us where to go

Teri liked the dash - I liked the 6 speed manual

The midnight sun doesn't show in these long tunnels

Coming out of a tunnel to a fjord

A Norwegian Elk

On the way to Heroy - That's our car in front

The Midnight Sun from Donna

North From Donna

Teri at Titternes

"M" roads - the wide spot is 12' the narrow spot 7'. See the next "M"?

Bridge from Sandnessjoen

We're at about 8000' and the Arctic Circle

Picture at midnight - no flash but raining

Having Skyr at the Keflavik Airport

Lava field by Blue Lagoon

Teri walking to the Blue Lagoon - note coat

Moss on lava in Iceland

Dinner at the Lava Restaurant - with lava rocks for the butter dish

Flowers in the Northern Lights Inn - Iceland

The sitting room in the Northern Lights Inn - Iceland

The Blue Lagoon - Iceland

Mor og barn - Mother and child

Vinter ved Sognefjorden - Winter by the Songefjord

Interior med maleren Oluf Wold-Torne - Farewell Interior with painter Oluf Wold-Torne

Avskjeden - The farewell

Brudeferden i Hardanger - Bridal Procession in Hardanger

Ungdomsfest i Eggsdal - Youth Fest in Eggsdal

Sommernatt - Summer night

Anretning - Pantry

Ved vinduet - By the window

Midnatt i Amiens - Midnight in Amiens

I bryggerhuset - In the washhouse

Julenattsmesse i et fransk kloster - Christmas Night Mass in a French monastery